We clarify any questions you may have regarding our services.

Why choose White Tenerife?

Safety, quality of service, experience, diversity of the offer, quality of boats, … are some of the arguments that support the choice of our company for your excursions or maritime charters.

Are excursions suitable for all ages?

Yes, we receive clients of all ages, each one enjoys the excursion or charter in their own way.

I have children, can I bring them?

Children are the ones who most enjoy watching whales and dolphins. If they like water, bath time is special for them, because they don’t usually have the opportunity to jump into the sea from a boat.

What clothing is ideal to navigate the coast of Tenerife in one of our boats?

We advise you to bring comfortable clothes to move around the boat. A t-shirt, pants (better shorts), swimsuit and head protection. Sunglasses are advisable. Footwear is not important as it is removed when boarding the boat.

On cloudy winter days, although it is not cold, they are less peaceful, it is advisable to bring a light sweater or jacket for when the boat is out at sea.

What other things do you advise me to bring?

We recommend bringing a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat or cap. If you want to snorkel, bring equipment, although we also have it on demand, you only have to request it at the time of booking.

Do they give me food and drink on the boat or do I have to bring it myself?

A catering consisting of sandwiches and drinks that we normally serve when we anchor the ship is included in the price.

In the excursions of 5 and 6 hrs., We offer food (paella), fresh fruit and drinks (beer, white wine, soft drinks and water)

I get a bit dizzy on boats, what do you advise me?

A simple pill prescribed by your doctor for these situations is enough for you to enjoy a perfect day of sailing along the South coast of Tenerife.

Can the itinerary be modified?

Yes, due to meteorological reasons the skipper can change the planned itinerary and look for the best alternative so that the client can fully enjoy his excursion. The reason and the new itinerary will be communicated once on board.

How do I get to the boat? Is there parking in the area?

There is public transport to Puerto Colón from anywhere in the south of the island. Another option is to hire the services of a taxi.

If you are coming with your own vehicle, there are two paid parking in Puerto Colón, one on the descending street and another in the same port that leaves you at the foot of docks 8 and 6 from where our boats leave.

Is it possible to organize a private excursion for a group of people?

YES, White Tenerife organizes all kinds of private charters for groups of people who want to enjoy a few hours or a day of sailing along the coasts of Tenerife.

What happens if the weather conditions do not allow the excursion or charter?

In this case, always subject to availability, a new date is agreed to do it. If it is not possible to find a date, the money will be returned.

How to make a reservation?

Enter all the information we require and we will confirm the reservation immediately. That same email will contain a reservation code that must appear when the card payment is made.

How do you confirm the reservation?

Through an email voucher that will contain all the information (name, day, time, ship, contracted services, conditions and password) This voucher will be numbered with the reservation codethat you must present at the time of boarding.

What is understood by force majeure?

State of the sea, breakage of the ship, illness of the skipper, indisposition of the client, are causes of force majeure that justify the change of date of a service.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can cancel it. See section Terms and Conditions.

What happens if the client does not show up on the agreed date and time?

In this case, the customer will lose the service rights.

How can I manage my reservation?

You have all the information in the Reservations section of our website www.tenerifeseacharter.com or by calling + 34-822109137.

One person in the group suffers from a disability, can he come with us?

White Tenerife offers people with disabilities all the means at their disposal so that they can integrate and enjoy the excursion to the fullest. However, it is necessary to consult before making the reservation.

Are there always whale and dolphin watching?

White Tenerife, like the rest of the boats, cannot fully guarantee the sighting of these marine mammals. They can be seen without problems in a very large percentage of cases.

What whale watching can be done in Tenerife?

The most common whales in Tenerife are the so-called Calderón Tropical or Pilot Whales and, among the dolphins, the Bottlenose is the most common. You have more information at www.webtenerife.com

What is a sustainable whale watching like?

White Tenerife is one of the companies adhered to the Charter for the Sustainability of whale watching in Tenerife. This letter is a voluntary commitment by companies to promote respect for cetaceans and the environment, while offering a unique and transformative tourist experience.

Are White Tenerife's boats also sustainable sailing?

The main element for a sustainable navigation in our boats (https://whitetenerife.com/en/boats/) is the sail. Whenever there is enough wind, we use it, thus avoiding the use of motors. In addition to this, we have installed solar panels to our White Paradise eco catamaran (https://whitetenerife.com/en/boats/white-paradise/), reducing the carbon footprint to a minimum.

In any case, we have a schedule to meet with our clients and sailing only is not always possible. The trade winds help, but not entirely.

What happens if the company cancels the excursion?

In the unlikely event that this happens a new date will be agreed with the client. If this is not possible, the amount paid will be full refund without any management costs.

In case of having acquired the reservation through an intermediary, you must contact them for the management of the refund.

What other types of events does White Tenerife organize?

At White Tenerife we organize all kinds of events at sea (https://whitetenerife.com/en/events/). Team buildng to reinforce the feeling of belonging to a company and create links between participants, company incentives to reward employees for a job well done, corporate regattas to increase competitiveness, tasting or presentation of products on board, …, anything you can think of and that is possible to do on a White Tenerife sailboat or catamaran.

Do White Tenerife have civil liability insurance?

Yes, White Tenerife has a civil liability insurance that covers possible contingencies or accidents that may occur as a result of your activity.

What type of catering is offered on board?

We offer a catering with food and drinks included in the price of the excursion, free of charge. Depending on the type and duration of the excursion, you will enjoy some delicious assorted sandwiches and a succulent rice with chicken and vegetables or seafood. Beer, white wine, water and soft drinks will quench your thirst. We always try to work with Km0 products to support local producers and offer the customer the most Canarian experience possible.

I have a food allergy, what can I do?

You can let us know at the time of booking and we will try to serve you when we prepare the catering for the day.

Which port do the excursions and charter depart from?

White Tenerife ships have Puerto Colón (Costa Adeje) as their departure and arrival ports. The boats are on docks 6 and 8.

If a private charter is hired and the client wants to leave from another port, no problem, we take the boat to that point to start the experience.

What to do in Costa Adeje (https://www.costa-adeje.es/en/)?

The area offers all kinds of services, from beautiful hotels such as Jardín Tropical (https://dreamsjardintropical.com/en/), to all kinds of leisure centers such as Siam Park, good restaurants such as Donaire and shopping centers such as Siam Mall or Plaza del Duque. You will not miss anything.

Which airport is the closest to Puerto Colón?

Tenerife South airport is the closest to the port. If you fly into Tenerife North airport, in La Laguna, you have a great highway that takes you to the south.

Where can I park in Puerto Colón?

You have two paid parking in the area. One is in the same port, which allows you to leave the car next to the dock. The other is on the descent street, also very close to the White Tenerife boats.