The 5 secrets of the Tenerife pilot whale

Second secret of the Pilot Whale

The 5 secrets of the short-finned pilot whale of Tenerife – Secret 2. What do they eat?

2. How do the pilot whales of Tenerife feed?

In the case of pilot whales, it is usually the males who are in charge of searching for food and, sometimes, they are accompanied by the older female. To find their prey, they have to dive about 1000 metres, where they can stay for about 20 minutes without needing to come up for air.

Once they spot their favourite delicacy, the giant squid, they try to bring it to the surface.

Meanwhile, the prey struggles to stay on the bottom of the ocean so that it can slip away when the pilot whales come up for air. When the cetaceans win the battle, the juvenile pilot whales are the first to feed, followed by the females and finally the males.

Conclusion of the second not-so-secret secret.

Pilot whales are known to be expert hunters and work together in groups to corner and capture their prey. They use cooperative hunting techniques, such as swimming in circles around a school of fish or a school of squid, which makes it more difficult for the fish or squid to escape.

In addition to their strong jaws and teeth, pilot whales also have an advanced echolocation system. They emit high-frequency sounds that bounce off nearby objects and prey, allowing them to detect and locate their prey in the dark and in deep water.

The 5 secrets of the Tenerife pilot whale – Secret number two.

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