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Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella frontalis)

Atlantic spotted dolphin: This species is characterized by the specks that cover most of its skin in adulthood. They form large groups and have a very active behavior. They can be seen more frequently from fall to the end of spring. Weight: 60-80 kg. Size: up to 2.3 meters.

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Stenella frontalis is a species of dolphin found in tropical and subtropical waters of the western Atlantic. It is also known as Atlantic spotted dolphin or spotted dolphin.

Atlantic spotted dolphins are medium-sized dolphins that can reach a length of up to 2.5 metres and a weight of about 120 kg. They have a distinctive colouration, with a dark grey base and light and dark spots all over the body, especially in the flank region.

These dolphins are very social and are often seen in groups of up to several hundred individuals. They are very active and are known to perform impressive acrobatics, such as leaps and spins in the air.

Stenella frontalis feed mainly on fish and squid, and have been observed to associate with tuna and other large pelagic fish in the search for food.

Unfortunately, Atlantic spotted dolphins are endangered due to bycatch in tuna fisheries and pollution of the marine environment. Measures have been taken to protect these dolphins, including fishing regulations and the creation of marine protected areas.