The 5 secrets of the Tenerife pilot whale

First secret of the Pilot Whale

The 5 secrets of the tropical pilot whale in Tenerife – First secret. In 2021, Tenerife became the first place recognized as a World Heritage Site for Whales in Europe, and the third in the world along with Hervey Bay in Australia and The Bluff in South Africa. This important award is due to the fact that between 200 and 400 specimens of the tropical pilot whale or short-finned pilot whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus) inhabit the southwest coast, as well as several species of dolphins. We will tell you the 5 secrets hidden by this species of cetaceans that inhabit the coast of Tenerife.

1. Why have pilot whales chosen Tenerife?

Our volcanic island, due to its privileged geographic location, is located on the migratory route of sperm whales, killer whales, or fin whales. In addition, a very unique species of whales, the short-finned pilot whale, has chosen these waters to stay and live. This is because:

  • In the Canary Islands, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are very clear and deep.
  • Between the islands of Tenerife and La Gomera, the temperature remains more or less constant throughout the year.
  • Their favorite food, the giant squid (Architeuthis), is also found in these waters. This genus of cephalopods reaches impressive sizes. The largest one found in Tenerife measured 13 meters and weighed 2000 kg.


In summary, short-finned pilot whales can be found in the Canary Islands due to the abundance of food in these waters, as well as the currents and water temperatures that attract a variety of marine species. Sightings of short-finned pilot whales in the Canary Islands are a reminder of the richness and diversity of marine life in the waters surrounding these beautiful islands.

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