Sustainability and Safety

Sustainable navigation

We sail whenever the wind allows it. We have
enabled a system of electric batteries and domotized motors that reduce
noticeably the carbon footprint by using much less fossil fuel.

blue boat flag


Our boats have the blue flag that authorizes the practice of
sighting of cetaceans and dolphins.

WCA (World Cetacean Alliance)

Members of this international organization that
brings together companies and associations related to the activity around the world and
that works for sustainable practices and the conservation of the marine environment.

WCA (World Cetacean Alliance)

Tenerife Tourism Sustainability Charter

We belong to the select group of
nautical companies that have signed and comply with the precepts of this demanding Charter.


All our boats have their corresponding navigation permit and civil liability insurance.
Our skippers and professional sailors, all graduates, have great experience and a high
knowledge of the environment in which they carry out the activity.

Tenerife Select - Quality of service

White Tenerife belongs to the select Tenerife Select group of Tenerife Tourism, a seal that brings together those brands with exclusive and quality services throughout the island.

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