Chill-out excursion 3 Hours

Chill-out excursion 3 Hours

Excursion in exclusive chill-out catamaran for whale and dolphin watching sailing along the south coast and anchoring in crystal clear waters for bathing and snorkeling. Assorted sandwiches and drinks all for free.
  3 Hours
Sandwiches, Drinks

A very special boat, cute, bright and with a glass floor so you don’t miss anything that happens at the bottom of the sea.
Ideal for whale and dolphin watching, you can watch them while the sun is on the bow nets or in the aft cockpit. We will anchor in coves with crystal clear waters so that you can take a refreshing swim and taste delicious sandwiches accompanied by beer, water, or soft drinks, whatever you prefer.

Nuestra tripulación te dará una breve charla informativa sobre las especies de ballenas y delfines que residen en la zona natural protegida Teno-Rasca donde realizamos la excursión y estará a tu disposición en todo momento para lo que puedas necesitar.

Excursiones Exclusivas

There will be a tour of the south coast of the island of Tenerife to watch and listen to whales and dolphins.
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